The first question we ask the campground receptionist is about where we can pitch our tent. Is there shade? And what facilities can we use? But soon my daughter breaks in with a question about the WiFi code. Well, so everyone has his or her priorities. And since we travel with online devices, there’s always one that needs to download a series, log in for work anyway, or get ready in time for a sports game.

We ignore the WiFi crowds around the reception for a while and set up our tent first. Ping! My brother sends a WhatsApp: if we can video call, because he is working on the layout of my mother’s new apartment. The coverage in this outlying area is not at its best, so I ask my daughter for the bill with the WiFi login information. After a wrong typing attempt – that o turned out to be a zero after all – I get contact. I just barely get the opportunity to wave to my brother, then disconnect.

Five attempts and twelve minutes later, I am back at the reception desk. You hope for a relaxing start to your vacation, but alas. And I’m not the only one. Some games also appear to have crashed, Tour de France highlights missed and important emails waiting to be sent….

Annoyances over a poor Internet connection at the campsite can add up quickly. As a result, the receptionist is besieged by impatient guests. During the peak season, the speed of the Internet at the increasingly crowded campground continues to decline. And surely the guests expected more… But as long as the techniques are still behind what is required today, even the receptionist can’t help it.


Camping gives the true vacation feeling. It is wonderful to stay in the great outdoors. But it also has its limitations. If the sun fails, the Internet connection should not fail as well. The ideal campsite has it all; tranquility, space and a fast, stable connection. Because as soon as it starts raining and we’re sitting inside together, it’s kind of nice if we can watch a movie that doesn’t keep getting stuck, that we can follow the final stage of that exciting Tour stage, or that the kids can play some more gaming with their friends.

After telephone wire, ADSL and television cable, with fiber optics we finally have a data carrier that will provide fast, stable data traffic for decades to come. To watch high-resolution movies, hold online meetings and play lightning-fast games with. And the great thing is that now you can do that not only at home, but also at the campsite! Technology has now reached the point where even outlying areas can be connected to fiber.

This makes not only the life of campground guests, but also that of the receptionist, much easier. The atmosphere at the campground is and remains relaxed. And these are important conditions for an enjoyable vacation. With the pleasant combination of natural tranquility and availability of high-speed Internet, even a “workation” in the fall vacations suddenly becomes very attractive!

Bluetrace provides glazing and connectivity in the recreation industry so that your vacation guests experience the same Internet experience and speed as at home. We glaze without digging and without a large one-time investment at your recreational park. This provides fast, stable and reliable internet which in turn contributes to a positive customer experience for the park!