On November 15, 16 & 17 the Recreatie Vakbeurs will take place in Evenementenhal Hardenberg, the trade fair for a future-proof recreation industry. Bluetrace will also be there to provide information and completely no-obligation advice on future-proof Internet connections in recreational areas. And to enter a fun contest that could also literally put gold in your hands… The Netherlands has one of the fastest Internet connections in the world thanks to fiber optics. Through fiber optics, data, at speeds as high as 1,000 Mb/s, is transmitted through a cable consisting of super-thin fibers. The rollout of fiber has boosted the continued digitization of our country. The future of our Internet is fiber optics. Also in outlying areas!

Recovering investment in fiber optics

The Internet is taking an increasing role in our lives. Most guests also want a fast, stable Internet connection at the campsite or in the vacation home. Also (or perhaps: especially) in the period between fall and spring. Many campground owners and owners of recreational parks or homes see the need to connect to the fiber optic network, but feel it is not feasible because of the cost. However, it is an investment that can already be recouped much faster than imagined. There are several ways to make fiber optic installation and connection in an outlying area affordable.

During the Recreation Trade Fair, Bluetrace will give you tailored advice. We do ask that you fill out this form in advance, based on which we can reserve time for you and perform a QuickScan. With the QuickScan, we look at the existing situation and the possibilities at your recreational park. Then we’ll create a completely no-obligation plan that looks at how quickly you can recoup the investment in a fiber connection and turn it into a revenue model for years or even decades to come. What is already certain is that the value of your campground or vacation park with a fiber optic connection increases significantly right away. So with fiberglass, you have gold in your hands anyway!

We’re going for gold

At the Recreation Trade Fair, Bluetrace has therefore rolled out a very special carpet for you … In the Bluetrace booth, we would like to let you experience what it is like to actually have gold in your hands. Guess how many coins are in the large glass jar?
We look forward to seeing you at our booth on Nov. 15, 16 or 17. Bluetrace connects, also during the Recreation Trade Fair!