We create dynamic Wi-Fi networks with their own profiles for different groups such as staff, tenants and temporary visitors. We do this exclusively with proven technology, unique in management and network security.


COAX Networks

We offer various solutions and support for COAX connections for this connection as well.

Access Control

For access of your building, hotel rooms, parking lot and offices, we have the solutions. Innovative systems for offline and online applications based on the latest technology.

Digital Signage

Does your marketing need a boost? Philps’ digital screens are there for presentations, information, entertainment, navigation, queue management and much more.


Because you like to keep your property well in view, but can’t be everywhere at once, we also offer CCTV Cameras.

Hotel TV

Professional televisions from Philips, for a guest the ultimate experience of home away from home. For hotels, health care facilities and beyond. Designed on the Android platform for recognition, versatility and maximum engagement.

Fiber to your home

Experience the future of connectivity with our advanced IT services – we lay fiber all the way to your home!

GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network)

is an advanced fiber optic network technology that enables high data rates.

Radio link

offer long-distance wireless communication, ideal for remote areas.

LAN (Local Area Network)

is a wired network that connects computers and devices within a limited physical space, enabling efficient data transfer and collaboration.


For example, we map out the feasibility, how you can quickly recoup the investment and what additional services you can further offer your guests.

Diverese ICT services

We can unburden you in various ICT areas, such as in leveraging VoID (Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets).

How can we help you?

Bluetrace guarantees 100% professional IT solutions and A to Z service, tailored exactly to your needs.

  • Does your network infrastructure need better security?
  • Want to collaborate more efficiently through technology?
  • Are you considering the move to the cloud?
  • Is streamlining the mass of information your challenge?
  • Want more IT mobility in a manageable way?

Then now is the ideal time to get to know Bluetrace better. Make a no-obligation appointment and tell us more about your digital challenges!

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