Because our main connections are fiber optic, the Netherlands has one of the fastest
Internet connections in the world. The telephone network, which is often more than 60 years old, is therefore
already replaced by a new fiber network in many places. And that offers many new
With speeds that can reach up to 1,000 Mb/s, a fiber connection meets all the
requirements for the Internet now and in the future. Through the thin fiber optic wire, the
network send and receive data very quickly, securely and reliably. Streaming, gaming and
work can therefore be carefree and unrestricted.

Available and affordable in outlying areas
It has also recently become possible to install fiber optics in outlying areas. Camping guests and
vacation rental owners are happy about this, because they want to be able to access the Internet quickly even away from home.
Vacation addresses with outdated connections are therefore less and less in demand; high-speed Internet is
has become a requirement for many.

For owners and landlords, then, fiber offers a long-term solution. Often
however, they think they cannot afford to build a fiber connection. The
construction of a fiber optic network is indeed a hefty investment in most cases. At
outdoor areas, however, it is more affordable than in urban areas. In addition, it offers administrators
and owners of campgrounds and vacation parks with the right form of financing can soon have a lucrative
revenue model. Thus, the investment has virtually no risk and can often be achieved much faster
recouped than is usually thought.

Towards the most appropriate form of financing

Which payback model is most appropriate for a resort depends on several
factors. The distance over which the fiber optic cables must be laid, for example, plays
a role. In addition, the number of tenants who will use the connection is of great
influence. The higher the number of users who want to be connected, the lower the cost per
user will be and the easier the return on investment will be.
Bluetrace helps find the most appropriate form of financing for your vacation park, which allows you to reduce the
monthly costs can already pay back in a short time. The financing options can be divided into
roughly three categories: purchase, operation by Bluetrace or joint operation.

Buy, operate or share
If you want to buy, you finance the investment yourself, such as with external financing.
Bluetrace creates a quote based on your desired number of connections. The
pass-through to the individual camping spots and/or vacation rentals you can fill in yourself and
When operated by Bluetrace, you pay nothing for the construction and connection of the fiber network.
Bluetrace takes care of everything, from construction and connection to day-to-day services
to individual customers. On the other hand, you do not generate income from it.
Joint operation offers an intermediate solution. You co-finance the fiber connection for
An amount you wish to invest. As a result, you also share in the proceeds of the
exploitation. This way, the monthly fees you pay in external financing are directly covered
by monthly operating income.

Bluetrace connects!
Whatever form of financing you end up with, one thing is certain: by connecting your vacation park with fiberglass
connect, vacationers experience the same Internet experience and speed as at home. Thus you do not magnify
only your revenue, but also the customer experience. So with fiber optics, you have gold in your hands!
Bluetrace is a specialist in connections in the recreational sector. Our focus is on the
building new fiber optic networks, providing solutions from design to
connection, with a variety of additional services, such as Internet and television packages.

In our white paper, we reviewed the various financing options offered by Bluetrace
listed in detail. Download the white paper here.