These financing options make fiber optics affordable for your recreational park or campground

A fiber optic connection meets all the requirements for Internet today and in the future. Streaming, gaming and work can then be done carefree and unlimited. For more and more people, Internet via fiber is the new norm.

Often owners of campgrounds or vacation homes think they cannot afford to install a fiber optic connection. It is indeed a hefty investment in most cases, but one that can be recouped much faster than thought. The cost of a new fiber network depends on several factors. For example, building fiber in a rural area is more affordable than in urban areas. In addition, the distance over which the fiber optic cables must be laid plays a role, as longer distances also require more construction work and materials.

So what affordable solutions are there to provide fiber optic connections to campgrounds, recreational parks and homes? In this white paper, we list the various financing options offered by Bluetrace.