Internet of things


Devices and machines have a plug to turn machines on and off. But what if you can make these devices think for themselves? Bluetrace makes it possible with a range of innovative services: smart washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, vending machines, printers, etc. Devices that do what the user asks for and when. And if you can also link this to pay-per-use modules, then you keep usage and therefore costs under control.

Internet of Things

Smart airco's, locks, cameras, vending machines, printers, washing machines,

Bluetrace has its own Smart line. An excellent infrastructure and a super-fast internet connection are obivous for us. So if this infrastructure is there, you mght as well make full use of it by connecting everything: smart cameras, smart air conditioners, smart washing machines and dryers, smart access controls and much more.

An app with all kinds of information, to unlock doors and rooms, to replay camera images and videos, to pay digitally and to open the barrier. Science fiction? No, we have it all!



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