WiFi, fiber, LAN connection, COAX or something else? Bluetrace provides an internet connection that suits your company, even if no fiber optic connection is possible. Thanks to our radio dishes, we can ensure that your company has a ultra fast connection to the nearest point of presence (POP), even in the countryside. In this way you always have fast internet, wherever you are!

Managed Networking

COAX, Fiber, Optic, WiFi, LAN-connection , point-to-point-connection, internet

Everything and everyone connected:
Internet, television and radio. Highly desirable for every company, but hardly any provider connects everything at once. Bluetrace does. Armed with COAX cables, WIFI connections and LAN connections, we ensure that your company is 100% connected.

Fast internet, switch on the television and listen to the radio in an instant and in a way that suits your business. That’s how we like it at Bluetrace.

Success stories


“We started the collaboration with Bluetrace in 2018. We have four large parks in the country. Bluetrace has implemented DOCsis at three of these parks and we will have the other park fully equipped with glass fiber and IPTV. Internet, and therefore WiFi, is an important service at our parks. The quest’s requirements on this are getting higher and higher. Everyone wants WiFi “like home”. Bluetrace has made an important contribution to this service. Moreover they helped us calculate the business case. We are pleased that we have taken the right steps together and are constantly looking for improvements in all areas.”

Joop Hendriks

Joop Hendriks | Vacantievreugd



Bluetrace provides (wireless) internet in the chalets and camping spots at all Vacantievreugd resorts through modems (WiFi at home) and WiFi access points. At all resorts (with the exception of De Meeuw) this runs via the COAX network. At De Meeuw, a greenfield has been chosen through fiber optic connections throughout the park.

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