About us

About us

Bluetrace is an Intelligent Connectivity Provider specialized in improving service and customer contact for organizations. We have many customers in the housing, educational, recreational and sports industry. An excellent infrastructure functions as a basis for us and from there we will make this work for you to offer super-intelligent solutions. Bluetrace is part of the Moreless Group, an independent and progressive business company. It invests in companies that pursue innovative objectives in the field of high-quality technological activities.

Onze missie

Het verbeteren van bedrijfsresultaten van organisaties uit diverse branches door te luisteren, samen een business case te maken en het aanbieden en (door)ontwikkelen van innovatieve (online) producten en diensten. Dit alles met als doel: intensiever contact met hun klanten, gasten of fans op basis van rendabele business modellen.

Onze visie

Bluetrace brengt organisaties directer in contact met hun klanten, gasten of fans.

The main focus is building lasting relationships and secondly on helping customers on improving their business results. We strive to be the number one in the industry within five years. To achieve this we offer our customized services based on a unique joint business case.

Work at Bluetrace?

We are always looking for exceptional talent.


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Our Team

Norbert de Kort

Managing Director

0202401313 Norbert de Kort

Feike Liemburg

Business Development

0202401300 Feike Liemburg

Roy van Ham

Sales Director

0202401300 Roy van Ham

Jesse Booij

Service Coördinator

0202401308 Jesse Booij


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